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Snaptrust has developed a security feature, which in its own way is used innovatively and smartly in almost every field, with the claim of counterfeit protection. Security, control and simple authentication are its clear focus.

For our clients, this means a reliable application when it comes to fighting product counterfeiting and grey market prosecution. An additional use lies in the optimisation of logistics or production. Track & Trace and order identification are key words here.

Our solution is multiply deployable:

  • Counterfeit protection
  • Grey market protection
  • Optimisation of logistics processes


Protect your brand and track your products – with us, there is no need for you to decide.

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Faelschung Grafik Kompetenz

Product piracy affects almost every industry. Companies incur billions in losses worldwide from the trade in counterfeit products. At the same time, consumers are fraudulently deceived, including in terms of quality, or a lack thereof. The counterfeit products do not meet the common quality claims and therefore represent an enormous safety risk.

How to confront this? The demands on a reliable solution are high. Protection from product counterfeiting is a top priority in this regard. However, the aesthetics of your packaging also play a decisive role in sales. With our feature, your design remains unchanged and attractive.

With the Snaptrust PrintID, the product can be checked in real time whether it is an original or a counterfeit. The products will be marked in a way that cannot be seen by the naked eye and can be authenticated using the smartphone app or industrial camera. Our solution is patented, can be printed with all common print methods and does not require any special colour or finishings. 

Grey Market Protection

Graumarkt Grafik Kompetenz

Have you been thinking that this offer is too good to be true? These products do not necessarily have to concern a counterfeit, and you could in fact purchase an original – on the so-called grey market.

There are various ways in which an original product can be offered at a lower price: non-authorised retailers procure goods in a country with lower prices and then sell it in a country with a higher price level. In the case of such imported products, it is possible to sell with enormous profit margins. In the second possibility, branded products are manufactured by authorised producers in so-called over-production or in additional shift productions. In this way, substantially more items are produced than what had been agreed with the brand owner. These goods can be sold at significantly lower prices than the original goods, which leads to price dumping and financial losses for the brand owner.

The Snaptrust PrintID combines the demands for counterfeit protection and grey market protection. You can use an invisible solution to protect your products with low expenditure. With the serialisation available, each product becomes a unique specimen and can be traced without gaps. At the same time, it is not necessary to inform producers about the use of this solution. You yourself decide who receives the necessary information on the use and the testing.


Logistik Grafik Kompetenz

Every production company is confronted with optimisation of the value creation and supply chain. Increased work density, complaints or expansion of a company are just a few of the many changes which force manufacturers into making necessary changes. The Snaptrust PrintID not only offers protection from product counterfeiting, but also plays a central role in logistics. For instance, order numbers can be integrated into the invisible feature, which clearly identify each product. 

By using our solution, we facilitate an acceleration in your work processes. In addition, errors in production will be avoided and customer complaints reduced using the clear allocation of product and order number. Also, with this solution the feature will be integrated in the print template and can also be printed without any further adjustments in the production line in both offset and digital printing. It can then be authenticated in accordance with your requirements using an industrial camera or smartphone.

This system also offers you a Track & Trace function. Using this, it is possible to determine at any time where products are. If necessary, the entire manufacturing process of a product can be retraced.

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