“The universal smartphone-based Track & Trace-enabled solution for counterfeit protection, grey market re-imports and for industry 4.0/IoT serialisation!”

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Snaptrust specializes in the creation, authentication and marketing of anti-counterfeiting features. These features enable product identification checks and thereby protect the intellectual property of companies. Using the unique and patented Snaptrust system, branded goods can be marked in a completely invisible way — without any additional printing technique or alteration in production lines. The main uses of the system are protection against counterfeiting and the management of logistics processes — particularly for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, electronics, spare parts, textiles and printing houses.

In addition, our solution offers you effective grey market protection through serialised product labels. The combination of simple integration, the applicability of all print methods available on the market and inimitability offer our clients a secure and invisible Track & Trace System, which effectively limits grey market trading.

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Your Product – Our Solution. Whether a smartphone app or industrial camera. We fit to your needs for the best possible counterfeit protection.


The Snaptrust PrintID has been tested by our partners and is being successfully used by clients.


The technology is patented and forward-looking. It is based partly on deep learning approaches, a form of artificial intelligence (AI).

What we offer

Anti-counterfeiting protection

Grey market protection

Secure Track & Trace System

Control of logistics processes

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As a result of counterfeit, companies do not only suffer economic damages, but are also confronted with a loss of image and trust. In addition, manufacturer information about the contents of the products are binding and legally secured. Even the slightest deviations by the counterfeit products from the original can lead to substantial negative impacts on safety, which hides liability risks for the trademark owner.

Our solution helps you to protect yourself from product piracy and to trace back counterfeits. Digital and intelligent.

Behind the Snaptrust PrintID, there is a team which constantly develops and extends this. 

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