Protection and technology is what matters to us

Thanks to its unique system of applying an invisible mark without the need for special printing plates, coatings or inks, Snaptrust possesses a decisive technical advantage. As a result, Snaptrust clearly distinguishes itself from other suppliers of anti-counterfeiting protection and contributes significantly to protecting products from forgery in an effective and low-cost manner.

In addition to effective anti-counterfeiting protection, the technology is suited to other uses. Invisible marks can be deployed whenever there is a need to clearly identify and classify products, such as in the context of processing and logistics.

This technology is patent protected. Aside from the existing patent for the core technology, several additional patents are pending, which will further improve anti-counterfeiting protection and widen the scope of application.

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CEO Cüneyt Göktekin and CTO Prof. Dr. Lars Knipping (f.l)